Quick Ways to Explain SEO to Clients

We've all met with a potential client to see if they can benefit from online marketing.  All too often, they may with good intentions ask a few questions on how things work.  How does Google figure out which sites rank the highest, how Adwords works, etc. 

You might try to answer their question but notice in under a minute that their eyes have totally glazed over.  Is there a better way to help them understand?  One way that could be very helpful is using a couple of new videos that Google has put out.  Emailing your prospective clients links to these videos can really help them- and you- out alot as far as being on the same page.

I showed these videos to a friend and the first words out of their mouth is "now I kind of get how Google works and kind of what you do". What do you think?  Does prepping a client with relevant videos help you to explain things better?

The videos can be found on this page: 


Here are the two videos:


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