Behavioral Advertising and Remarketing

Imagine if you could target visitors who came to your website but did not convert.   They liked what you had but for some reason they didn't call you, checkout after adding things to their shopping cart, sign up for a free trial, and so on. 

Online advertising has evolved to the point where you can continue to advertise to people who visited your site even after they leave.  Its called behavioral advertising, remarketing or retargeting, and its one of the most powerful forms of online marketing with great conversion rates and lower costs.  Why?   Because you're advertising to people who actually went to your site and know who you are.

Instead of soley keyword based and Display Network ads, now you can advertise to people based on their behavior.   Powerful indeed.

Imagine creating an ad that:

  • Only shows to people who put things in their shopping cart-but did not checkout.
  • Or to those who came to your site and looked around but didn't fill out that form.
  • Or to anyone who came to your site, but only for two weeks after they visited, or a year.
  • Or those who came to specific pages on your site.

Behavioral Advertising can do this and so much more.

We know how to set up behavioral advertising so it works and it works well.  From strategizing what will best appeal to your target audience, to the message that will make them come back and buy, we know how to do it.

(To see exactly how it works, visit our What is Remarketing? page under the Learn link to the left.  )

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