How Google paid ads work

 These videos below may be short, but they are well done and will give you a much better idea of how paid ads work. 

Our 2 Cents on PPC Advertising:

It is best to look at it this way:  Google and other paid ad platforms such make it look like they are incredibly difficult to create and get up and running.  In fact they make it seem very easy by the videos they show.  But the hard part is doing this correctly. 

Too many times we see people try PPC, pay way  too much with little or no return, get extremely frustrated and give up quickly.  Why?  Adwords changes monthly and even daily with new features and different options. The amount of "levers" to pull, changes that are made, and know-how needed to run a successful site simply requires hiring a pro.

Unless you have a person on your team totally dedicated to managing you PPC you just won't get a decent return on investment.  You'll waste alot of time, money and get frustrated.

Optimizing your PPC ad campaigns will save you hundreds to thousands each month/year.

How can that be?  Basically by: 

1.  Identifying wasted ad spend in your existing accounts. 

2.  Identifying new opportunities you may have missed.

3.  Continually testing and refining your campaigns.

Frankly, if we were in your shoes- a business owner who wasn't fluent in Adwords and PPC we would definitely hire a PPC account manager.  Unless you are the ultimate do it yourselfer you will burn through alot of cash making mistakes and about 6 months to a year learning the ropes.  (We've seen this happen over and over again.)  If you have that kind of time and money great-go for it!   But you'll probably be much better off and with alot less grey hairs by hiring a competent professional Pay Per Click account manager.  Just our two cents. 

PS:  If your eyes start blurring, while watching the videos and you lose interest- we understand!

How Google Paid Per Click Ads Work

Many People Think the More You Bid The Higher Your Ad is Placed.

This Video Shows How the Ad Auction Really Works:

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