Clients Sometimes Ask:  What services are available to me as a client of yours?  

So per this request, here are all the services available to you.  

Its a  very thorough list, from the standard services you see other paid search companies use to some very advanced stuff.  We're always adding new services!  To be honest, this list is a very simplified version of what we do.  This page would go on forever is we added every exact detail!  

Also, the other pages in our Services section further explain the services mentioned below...



In a Nutshell, We Provide Pay Per Click Advertising, Conversion Tracking and Web Analytics


How does this help your business?  We use online paid advertising for business who wish to either increase their exposure, sales and profits and take their business to the next level. We provide detailed conversion tracking and web analytics to know where your leads are coming from and to reduce wasted ad spend.

List of Online Paid Advertising Services:

Advanced Pay Per Click Services Such As:


Web Analytics & Conversion Tracking: Know where your visitors and leads are coming from:


Advanced Phone Call Tracking Setup & Implementation: 

    • Google Ads & Bing Ads Paid Search including:
    • PPC campaign creation & management: Search & Display
    • Intelligent campaign structuring. 
    • PPC detailed keyword research including keyword brainstorming and expansion.
    • Bid & budget management. 
    • Ad copy creation and A/B testing.
    • Problem solving & troubleshooting your existing PPC campaigns. 
    • Geo Targeting advertising. 
    • Mobile advertising. 
    • Detailed Conversion tracking, setup and reporting analysis.
    • Landing page optimization. 
    • Paid search consulting. 
    • Campaign setting optimization:  Geo, device, location, ad scheduling & much more. 
    • Behavioral advertising via Remarketing (Retargeting).
    • Search Retargeting.
    • Youtube Display & Video Advertising.
    • Youtube Remarketing.
    • Facebook advertising, including audience targeting.
    • LinkedIn advertising, including audience targeting, lead gen. forms & more.
    • Larger Demand Side Platforms Display Advertising and Retargeting Platforms. 
    • Google Shopping campaign setup:  Get your Google Merchant Center Products in Google Search results! 
    • Conversion optimization. 
    • Web Analytics Setup and Management using Google Analytics.
    • Advanced Web Analytics services:
    • Google Tag Manager: Setup, Site Mapping and Deployment.
    • Google Analytics & Google Ads Integration.
    • Conversion Tracking setup and reporting analysis using Google Analytics:
    • Full Adwords Conversion Tracking, Google Analytics Goal Tracking Setup- track Sales, Leads, Signups and more.
  • Know where your phone call leads are coming from: Track phone calls from Paid Search, Organic Search, Offline Ad campaigns, trade shows & more. 
  • Advanced call recording:  Know who called and review how the call went to train your customer service and sales staff. 
  • Full Integration of Call tracking with Google Analytics Goals.


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