Our Philosophy 

We feel strongly that Online Advertising should be done in an ethical and appropriate manner.  We stay up on the latest technologies and proper techniques.  Yet, we do not use any techniques that will get you banned from the search engines.

In addition, unlike many other internet marketing companies that outsource work to far away places, we do all the work right here in our local offices.

What keeps us honest

We believe in doing our best for our client, understanding their business and helping them reach their goals.  The only way to get there in our opinion is to market your business online in a honest and ethical way.  

For the managing of Pay Per Click accounts, 3 months is often the best minimum term to use.  This is because most accounts take a few months to hit their stride as data from Google, user behavior and constant adjustments are done to optimize the campaigns. 

We work hard each and every month to further your interests online.  Our goal is a "win-win" relationship where what you've spent in online marketing is far surpassed by your increase in sales, leads, branding or any other goals you have set for your business on the internet.

The Days of "Set it and Forget it" Are Over

We hope that you will continue to stay on as a client for the long haul, continuing to reap the benefits of professional internet marketing.  Even long  term clients can continue to have increased success as we constantly  improve their online marketing efforts each and every month. 

As the search engines and pay per click platforms continue to evolve at a dizzying pace ongoing marketing is absolutely imperative.  With competition always increasing and the internet marketing landscape changing those who are not moving forward, constantly optimizing their paid search campaigns and keeping up with the multitude of changes are in reality losing ground quickly.  Staying up to date with these changes and implementing them on your paid search campaigns is now more crucial than ever.  The days of "set it and forget it" are long gone. 

The Personal Touch

If there is a problem or issue its handled here by a real person in timely fashion.  No need to try and track down the person who is handling your account like in "other" marketing agencies.  This personal, friendly, and responsive manner in while we treat you is another area that sets us apart from the competition.

Privacy Policy