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Why are web analytics so important? 

Used with permission from Microsoft

Used with permission from Microsoft


To put it simply:  Website analytics have put an end to the guesswork as to what is working for your marketing dollars and what isn't.  In the past when a business used a marketing channel-TV, radio, yellow pages & other print media-figuring out what was bringing in new business and what wasn't was alot more guesswork than facts.  The internet has changed all that.  Web analytics offer accurate and extremely detailed data that will show you in real time what is working regarding your online marketing strategy.

Web Analytics and Paid Search:  Its all about sales and leads:

When you're paying for people to come to your site, it really comes down to one thing:  Conversions: sales and leads.  Are the people coming to your site from paid search bringing in the sales or not?  This is why conversion tracking is so important.  

We can track:


  • Online Sales and leads.  
  • Phone calls to your business.  
  • Visitor Data:  How many people came to your site, from where did people come to your site (search, direct, referral sites), where they are from (geographic locations), how long they stayed on your site, where they went on your site, when they left your site and so much more.  

But there is alot to it:  Which visitors resulted and sales and which did not?  How many visits does it take for your website visitors to convert into a customer?  Why and where are your visitors leaving in the conversion process?  Which of your PPC campaigns are bringing in the most sales and what is your return on investment?  These are just a few of the questions that are answered by our detailed web analytics and conversion tracking.  

Our Web Analytics & Conversion Tracking Services range from the simple to complex.  They include:



Web Analytics & Conversion Tracking: Know where your visitors and leads are coming from:

  • Web Analytics Setup and Management using Google Analytics.
  • Installation of Google Analytics tracking code on your site. 
  • Web Analytics reporting setup.

Advanced Web Analytics services:

  • Google Tag Manager: Setup, Site Mapping and Deployment.
  • Full Google Analytics & Google Adwords Integration.
  • Advanced Google Analytics Filters, reports, segments and more. 

Conversion Tracking setup and reporting analysis using Google Analytics:

  • Full Google Ads Conversion Tracking, Google Analytics Goal Tracking Setup- track Sales, Leads, Signups and more.
  • Conversion Funnel tracking setup and reporting. 
  • Advanced Google Analytics Tracking: Track valuable visitor interactions with your site such as downloads, videos played, button clicks and more.

Advanced Phone Call Tracking Setup & Implementation: 

  • Know where your phone call leads are coming from:   Professional phone call tracking setup and management.  Track phone calls from Paid Search, Organic Search, Offline Ad campaigns & more. 
  • Get detailed call information such as location, phone number, length of call, new and returning callers & much more.
  • Enable call recording to track calls from initial leads to closed sales.  Use call recordings to train sales staff and improve sales staff performance.
  • Full Integration of Call tracking with Google Analytics Goals.
  • For a full list of services:  Click here.


Paid Search Metrics Report

Click-through rate
Conversion rate


All That Data is Great- Now What?  

Having the data generated by properly installed analytics and getting monthly reports such as the above are great.  But often the site owner of overwhelmed and doesn't know what to do with this important information (it's called "analysis paralysis").  We can adjust your reports to show just the info you need without all the unnecessary information or additional in-depth data if that is what is needed.  Our reports are tailored to your needs. 


Having analytics set up on your website is an absolute must.  Having it set up properly is just as important.  One of the biggest problems for  website owners is having the code needed to track visitor behavior to  your website incorrectly installed.  Worse than no data is the completely wrong data.  Let us help to get this crucial tool set up right on your site!

If needed we can also give our insights into what the data means and what to do with it.  This information forms the road map for your ongoing online  marketing efforts.

Proper analytics and reporting will pay for themselves many times over in the amount of information they generate for your business.  Imagine knowing all the data above and what that can do for your business.  End the guesswork!  Being armed with knowledge about your website and how visitors interact with is key to your online success.  Learn more about what Echo Internet Marketing can do for your business with detailed analytics and reporting. 

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