Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing: 

Why use PPC?  How does this help your business?

Businesses use online paid advertising to increase their exposure, leads, sales and profits and take their business to the next level.  The idea is to show ads online, have your potential customer click on them and convert (go to your site to buy something, fill out a form, or contact you).  Its definitely easier said than done.  Read on for why...

The Realities of Advertising Online- What You Need to Know:



Success in paid search doesn't have to be a flip of the coin.  While paid search campaigns can have tremendous upside to your business, if not managed properly than can be a tremendous drain on your time and loss of money. 

Potential Issue:  You could try and set up a paid search campaign, but do you have both the time and patience to avoid frustration and figure out the intricacies of PPC?  Do you have the money to learn PPC by trial and error what works and what doesn't?  

Reality:  Frankly, it takes professional expertise and years of experience to get a real return on your PPC investment. Don't waste your time and perhaps thousands of dollars only to find that what you're doing is not working.  Let us manage your PPC account and allow you to grow your business by doing what you do best.

The experts at Echo Internet Marketing can craft a paid search strategy that will have your PPC campaigns running efficiently and your budget is being spent effectively.

For Existing PPC Campaigns:

We will perform an audit measuring competition, keywords and ad placement.  We will then recommend a plan that shows which aspects of your campaigns should be optimized.  Once this plan is implemented we then continue to constantly improve your PPC campaigns, proactively altering keywords, copy and more so that are getting the best return for your marketing dollars.

New Paid Search Campaign Creation & Management

Want to get instant exposure on the search engines through paid search but don't have PPC campaigns set up?  No doubt setting up PPC ads on Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, LinkedIn and Bing can be time consuming and challenging.  If not done right alot of money can be wasted with little or no return on investment.  Let the professionals at Echo Internet Marketing create and manage your paid search campaigns. 

Our services include:

1. Pay Per Click campaign setup.  

2. Perform keyword research and competitive analysis to determine best keywords and phrases for ads.  

3. Bid to be on the first page of search engine results page so queries get an impression.  

4. Determine budget for PPC ad campaigns.  

5. Perform ad and landing page testing to achieve best click through rate and improve landing page score.  

6. Provide monthly reporting on ad campaigns.

7. Ongoing PPC bid management, keyword research, ad copy variation tests and much more.

For both new and existing PPC advertisers our reports include:

Paid  Search Metrics Report

Impressions- How many people saw your ads?

Click-through rate (CTR)- what percentage of people actually clicked on your ads?

Cost-per-click- How much is each click costing you?

Conversion rate- Of the people who clicked on your ad, how many of them performed the action required- an online purchase, a call to your business, filling out a form, etc.

Return on investment (ROI)- How much money was spent in PPC vs. how much money it generated in your business.

Here's a Quick Detailed List of Some of the Online Paid Advertising Services we Offer: 


Google Adwords & Bing Ads Paid Search including:

  • PPC campaign creation: Search & Display
  • Intelligent campaign structuring. 
  • Detailed keyword research.

Ongoing PPC Campaign Management:

  • Bid & budget management, ad copy creation A/B testing & much more.
  • Problem solving & troubleshooting your existing PPC campaigns. 
  • Geo Targeting advertising. 
  • Mobile advertising. 


Advanced Pay Per Click Services Such As:

  • Behavioral advertising via Remarketing (Retargeting).
  • Search Retargeting.  Youtube Display & Video Advertising.
  • Youtube Remarketing
  • Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn Advertising including Retargeting & Audience targeting.
  • Want to see the full list of services?  Click here.




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