Here's a brief Bio:

I started out by building my own ecommerce site in 2004.  It became a successful online business, but the thing I enjoyed most about it was the marketing part, specifically paid search.  It was great to see how, by knowing the ins & outs of Google Ads and back then Overture, you could actually be quite profitable.  Those were they days when PPC was very simple, but no more.

Chris Easler

Chris Easler

After having success on my own I began taking on clients a few years later.  Since then I've enjoyed working with all types of businesses and people.  From ecommerce to service based businesses, banks and financial institutions, commercial and industrial suppliers, technology, security, restaurants, luxury vacation destinations, medical, software as a service, real estate, event planning and many, many more.

People often ask:  How can you find a paid search expert you can trust who will do the best job for me and my company when there's no real college courses or certifications that will tell you that?

That's a great question.  To be honest, Its not really how smart someone is, whether they have a degree, or are awesome with numbers.  I've seen a lot of people who are way smarter than I am not do well with PPC.  PPC is part science, part art, all problem solving and endless learning.  

Think about it:  We need to connect what your business goals are and create campaigns to entice people to complete those goals.  Then based on their behavior, we need to constantly improve things, removing what doesn't work and constantly improving and adding to what does.  Way easier said than done.

From myself and colleagues in the industry I'd say the person you choose has to be someone:

  • Who loves solving problems- ANY kind of problem.  They just love it.  Any they love figuring out the solution.  But once that's done- they need a new problem to solve!  Or they might go crazy.
  • The second thing is a person who is a tinkerer.  They just can't leave things alone and want to make them better.   The house, the car, the PPC campaigns, it doesn't matter.  They must be about to drive their wife and family crazy tinkering around with things and they'll probably be good at ppc.
  • The third thing is someone who's always thinking of new ideas, all the time.  They actually enjoying doing this more than just about anything else.
  • The fourth thing is that they have to love to learn.  Learn about anything, everything and how things relate to each other.  Even in their free time.  If you have 5 or more podcasts, tv shows etc. you listen to about how things work, you're on your way.
  • The fifth thing is that they have to put the first four things together into a plan and love to see how the plan works out (think A-Team).  PPC is not just doing work, but doing the right things in the right order at the right time.

Here are the qualifications I have.   The ones above are much more a measure of PPC effectiveness.

  • Google Ads Qualified Individual
  • Google Analytics Qualified Individual

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