How It  Works

Used with permission from Microsoft

Used with permission from Microsoft

We believe the best way to get the full picture of what is needed to get your business results is to develop a practical, straightforward strategy for your business' online marketing campaign.  

What's the process? 

In a nutshell: 

  • First, by focusing on you and your business, learning about it and understanding how it works. 

  • Second, by working to create and manage a custom Paid Search Campaign, and getting your business results.  
  • Continually testing, improving and testing again to get you results:  Sales, leads, branding, more.

Let's break it down step by step:

Step 1: Tell Us About Your Business-We're All Ears!

To create a Pay Per Click Advertising strategy that works in the real world and gets the best results, we need to understand your business.  Tell us about it- what makes your business special?  Who are your customers?  Who are your competitors?  What's worked (or not worked) in the past?  We’re here to help.  To increase your customer base and bring in more sales.  So tell us what makes your business tick and we’ll be armed with important insights that will allow us to craft a custom online advertising plan that meets your business' unique needs.  In fact if you have a moment please provide us with some background information on  your business and website by taking a moment to complete our Internet Marketing Questionnaire.

Step 2:  We Get Working

We listed and understood, now it's time to get to work, using all applicable channels of Pay Per Click Advertising, including any of the following and more (Click on any link for full info):

PPC- Pay Per Click Advertising

Web Site Analytics & Reporting

Behavioral Advertising

Display Advertising

Detailed monthly reporting is an important piece of the puzzle.  As always we continually test, refine and improve performance for maximum results. 

Step 3: You Get Results!

By creating and managing a unique Pay Per Click Advertising  campaign specifically created for your business, the end result of all of our projects are campaigns that get your business in front of as many qualified customers as possible.  We strive no just to meet, but to exceed our clients expectations.

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