Get Your Free $100 Adwords Coupon Codes for Google Paid Search Ads Here

Everyone loves free and we do have about ten free Adwords Coupon codes for you here.  They are below.  Like all things there are limitations to these coupons(limitations are shown below) but free is free. 

$100 isn't alot in the world of online paid search but you could use it in a few different ways:

  • Do a test campaign to test a market out.
  • Start a local search campaign for a small business.
  • Propose to your fiance using Adwords. (Cheaper than using the jumbotron in a stadium)
  • Test advertising for a new product.
  • Set up Adwords for free for your stingy boss who won't do PPC and get a raise for your initiative.
  • Give a shout out to your best friend.
  • Other things.

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  • If you own a business that sells chocolate or sweets...we love chocolate and sweets.
  • After you try out Adwords and likely say "whoa this is alot more difficult than I thought".  Contact us and we'll be happy to manage your account in a way that brings customers and sales at an acceptable cost to you.

Why would Google give out free coupons?

Whether you're a business owner who would like to try Adwords out or a marketer you may be asking yourself- Why would Google give out free coupons?  Obviously they hope they will get people who might not think of using Adwords and paid search started.  Adwords can be very profitable for driving new customers to your business.

Our thoughts are a bit different. 

While we agree with the above, Google often oversimplifies Adwords as a platform where anyone with 10 minutes can start running ads and everything's great.  In reality, Adwords is simple on the surface but very complex in getting it truly running correctly if you want to actually be profitable and not end up one of the frustrated people that says "Adwords Doesn't Work for me!".  It takes a long time to be an expert in Adwords that drives targeted traffic at an acceptable cost to your clients.  Many marketers reading this are likely nodding their heads in agreement.

What does this mean for all of you who get these coupons?

  Take them, use them, tell us about it.  But if you are a business who tries out Adwords please realize that your next step is not to end up in frustration but contact us to manage your Adwords and paid search campaigns.  Basically we see everyone using these coupons coming to this conclusion. 

So try out Adwords on us.  We want to see your business succeed.  But after you use the coupon, call or contact us and enjoy having a professional manage your account.  You'll be glad you did!

Adwords Coupon Limitations and Guidelines:

Coupons expire on 3/31/11

Coupons must be used within 14 days of signing up for a new Adwords account.

Coupons can only be used on new accounts, one per account, and they do not work with invoicing or manager-defined spend and expire after a single use.

To existing users with adwords accounts, these discount codes need to be used with a new ad account.

To apply the voucher, once you’ve created a new account and completed the billing details, click on the ‘Billing Preferences’ tab, and enter the voucher code when prompted.

Don’t delay, activate this $100 promo coupon before it expires.

Share your love in the comments, through tweets and bookmark this site as there will be more promotional code offerings in the future!

Link to activate your Google Adwords Coupon: Get My Adwords Coupon Now

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