Google Engage Program: A Win- Win for All?

Google has started up a new program called Google Engage. 

What is it?

It's designed for webmasters, internet marketing agencies and others to get their clients to try Adwords for free.

Here's how it works:  Google provides you with free online training on Adwords, Analytics, Places, etc.  You get the free training and coupons you can give to your clients so they can be encouraged to try out Adwords.

Who it benefits:

1.  Your agency:  You get free training, and can get your clients to try Adwords risk free by giving them free coupons.  Hopefully they will quickly realize that they need your expertise to really benefit from Adwords and become long term clients.

2.  Your clients:  They get to try out Adwords for free and it can lead to them getting more sales, leads, etc.

3.  Google:  They get more people started into Adwords, they get you to help spread the word with your free coupons and they make more $$$.

We have signed up for this new program in an effort to provide a risk free trial of Adwords to future clients with these coupons and our start using our professional services.  After all, the coupons will only be for so much money but at least a client can dip their toe in the water with little risk.

In most cases it will probably be enough for a client to say "This could work for me but I have no clue how to do PPC", I need help.

Check out the video below for full info:

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