New Bing Conversion Tracking

Hey everyone, if you've been using Bing Ads PPC for any time and (hopefully) have set up conversion tracking so you know what you're spending is working, the last thing on your mind is having to do this all again.  But you're going to have to, because Bing is updating how they track conversions.  

Basically, instead of having to drop the conversion code on a certain page of the site that's a conversion, they are moving to dropping the code on all pages.  Then in Bing you tell it what pages you want to track as conversions.  Its called Universal Event Tracking.  It can track both static URLs and events as goals.  Full writeup from Bing here:

Note:  As far as I can tell this can be implemented in Google Tag Manager (GTM) too.  Just remember in your custom html tag to click the Support document.write checkbox when creating the tag.


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