Super Fast Nice Looking Google Display Ads

Google has quietly rolled out a very nice update to their image ad interface.  

It has progressed over the years from being pretty unusable to alot better.  In recent times it was even able to scan your site to pull images from it, match the color scheme and if you had text ads, pull from them for the ad text.  But you still had to move stuff around and hope it fit in all the different ad sizes.  Which often took a while.  

Now Google has it so that it will again scan your site.  But it basically does everything for you, no real tweaking, resizing things, etc. needed.  I was amazed at what a super nice clean ad I was able to create in 9 ad sizes super fast.  In Ads>Create a New Ad>Image ad is where you find it.   Give it a try and share if this was a nice upgrade or not.  

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