New Adwords Quality Score Updates

Quality Score is a crucial component of how well your Adwords PPC campaigns, keywords, ads do.  That was the brilliance of Google setting up Adwords is that unlike way back where bidding on keywords in Paid Search were only the bid, they factor in how well you set up and optimize your campaigns and Quality Score is a big part.  

Recently there have been alot of updates in Google's Quality Score, real significant ones for the first time since 2013.  For professionals who are managing Adwords accounts, its important to keep up on things so that your information and how you optimize stays current.  

Below are links to Google's post, a great post by noted Adwords pro Frederick Vallaeys and the PPC Rockstars podcast where he's interviewed.  Be sure to check out all 3, especially the podcast:

1.  Adwords Post on QS Update:

2.  Frederick Vallaeys article on QS Update:



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