New LinkedIn Features - Retargeting + Lead Ads

Just a quick note that LinkedIn has dropped a couple of really cool new/old features that you will want to take advantage of if you're running paid ads on their platform:

Lead Ads:  Launched around 4/5/17:  Similar to Facebook's Lead ads, a person sees the ad, clicks on it and it auto fills a form that has all their info- all without leaving LinkedIn- very handy.  For B2B, many say that FB can bring in the leads using Lead Ads, but alot of the leads are poorer quality, since FB is not as much for B2B.  Using this feature on LinkedIn might help get better leads.  We've tested it and so far, not as many leads as FB but better quality and the rate people fill out the form and submit is very good.  More about them here.

Website Segments (Retargeting) Launched around 4/16/17:  Back by popular demand (and LinkedIn being bought by Microsoft), you can have campaigns targeted to people who have previously visited your site.  We've just started testing this out, we'll see what happens...More info here.

Always good to stay on top of the latest and test things out to give you or your clients the best results!

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