How to Setup Up Microsoft AdCenter to Manage Clients Part 3

How to Setup Up Microsoft AdCenter to Manage Clients Part - Client Mangers and Users

In the previous two posts I showed how to 1.  Set up a main Microsoft AdCenter account to manage your clients with and 2.  How to invite a client to have their Microsoft AdCenter account managed by you. 

In part 3 you'll see how to set up users under that main account and assign them to manage your clients.  Note:  Even if you're the only person who will be managing the account you must set it up this way to have it work correctly. 

As we talked about before, Adwords has come a long way as far as being able to easily create an umbrella account where you can manage clients' account all in one place.  Microsoft AdCenter has made many strides recently in trying be easier to use so people will use their PPC platform. 

One source of frustration is how to set things up correctly so you can manage clients' accounts like Adwords MCC.  So, how do you do this?  To be honest, It took quite a bit of phone calls to Microsoft's AdCenter team, getting a person who actually knew what they were talking about and more to get this to work.  It's kind of convoluted, so much so that I actually wrote it down as I wouldn't remember it later.

So below is a brief, step by step account of how to do this.  Of course, Microsoft may change how they do things but this is the latest.  In the comments, please ask questions if you find something's not clear.

What you need to do:

1.  Set up a master account in MS AdCenter like yourbusinessname as the id & get a password. You're not using this to actually do any PPC, this is just a "shell acount".

2.  You need then create users that will be assigned to an account to manage it.  They won't need their own Microsoft AdCenter accounts. 

Here's how to do this:  In AdCenter:  

  1. Accounts & Billing>Users>Create a User Profile>Account Roles>Client Admin>Select the Account(s) that you will manage.  Important:  Set the user who is a client manager as the following type of user:  Client Admin.  You'd think it would be Advertiser Campaign Manager since that's what you're doing but its not.  See this picture: 
  2. Wait for the email verification.  When it comes, enter email verification code in, select password.  Sign into MS Adcenter.  You'll then see the accounts you'll have access to.  Select that account and you're in.

That's basically it.  Part 4 will show how to import your clients Adwords campaigns into Microsoft AdCenter. 

Did this help you?  Do you need clarification on this?  If so, please leave a comment below. 

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