Where did they go? How to Find & Use New Adwords Reports fast.

Everyone knows that running the right reports are crucial to making the right decisions when it comes to PPC.  We were all used to the Adwords reports being in the same place but you may have noticed the report page now showing the following message:

"We're updating AdWords reporting. As a result, some reports are no longer available in the Report Center. By creating new reports from the Campaigns tab you can find and act on advanced statistics more quickly."

Where did all the reports go?  Before you start biting your laptop in anger like the lady on the right please note the following to avoid frustration:

Soon you'll only be able to get Adwords reports from the actual campaign interface.  How to do this?  Check out this informative post byBrad Gettes, writer of the excellent PPC book Advanced Google Adwords:


The video from his post is below and is certainly worth the time to watch as you'll save at least that much time not hunting around for where the new Adwords reports are.  Enjoy!

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