How to Login to Bing Ads Using a Microsoft Account

For everyone who uses Bing Ads: 

 Just an update on Bing Ads login and what you need to do:

Bing Ads is changing how you log into their interface.  They're now requiring you to sign up for a Microsoft account to login.  Its kind of like how Google requires everyone to have a Google account to use Adwords.  If you already have a Microsoft account you use to login to your Bing Ads account (not a personal Microsoft account), great.  If not, you'll need to create one.  This is to replace the actual login for your Bing Ads account. 

To do this, you go to this page:

Sign in using your Bing Ads username and password.  It will then send you to a page where you will have the option to use an existing Microsoft Account or create a new one.  

Important:  If you already have a Microsoft or Live account that you want to use to logging into Bing Ads, use this if you like.  Don't double sign up using the live account you already use and create another Microsoft Account using your old Live account.

After signing up/in, get the email verification link and then login.  You should be all set and now be able to login to Bing Ads using the Microsoft Account you created.  

After you do this, go ahead and login and see if you can get access to the Bing Ads account and your campaigns.  If not, please let your Bing ads admin know what your Microsoft Account login email is and they can add you as a user if needed.  

Here is the page on this:

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