Best Articles to Understand GPDR in Plain Language

The deadline to comply with GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation is coming up fast- on 5/25/18.  What is it, where can you go to learn about it and make sure you comply?  As your Charlotte North Carolina PPC and Google Analytics pros, we've saved you time, pulling together links to the best articles below.  (Disclaimer:  We are not lawyers and do not offer legal advice.  You must consult with your legal counsel on this matter).

What is GDPR?  Its how EU member states say data controllers and processors handle user data (Businesses- you are the data controller, and Google, for example, is the data processor, see this article for great definition).  Its basically a much higher standard of how data is stored and handled.  And for non compliant companies, the EU can levy very heavy fines.  And its on you or your business to let your customers and website visitors know what data you use, how you use it and allow them to agree in a straightforward way to this.  

What if we are a non-EU based business (for example, located in U.S., Asia, India, Australia, Africa, etc.)?  Doesn't matter - if you have anyone who visits your site from the EU (you probably do), you need to comply, or block all EU visitors from coming to your site.  

Really, how will this be enforced if you're not an EU based company?  We really don't know yet.  Once a non EU-based company is found non-compliant, we'll find out.  

What if we are a small company?  GDPR applies to all sized companies from large to the smallest.

Best Links for GDPR:  

Awesome guide here- worth dropping in your email to get it.  

Great article here that puts GDPR in easily understandable language.  

Did you receive an email on data rentention and Google Analytics, good article on that here.  

Huge database of the latest on GDPR here.  

Let us know what you think of GDPR!

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