The ABCs of SEO for Blog Posts: Part 1- Don't Be a Clone

No matter what subject your blog post is on, you want to make sure that people are able to find it, read it and benefit from it.  So, is there a need for making your blog search-engine friendly?  Absolutely!  After all, many of the people who are potential readers often first find out about you by doing a search. 

Is optimizing for the search engines complicated and time-consuming?  Fortunately, no.  By incorporating just a few simple techniques into each blog post you write, you can make your blog posts show up on the search engines.  This will be a multi-part series, so here's step 1:

1.  Write Good, Unique Content

It might sound simple, but if you don't write something people want to read, people might find your blog but click away as soon as they see it was quickly thrown together or there's not much good, quality information they can use.   People read blogs for many reasons:  to find  information that they can use to solve a problem, accomplish a task, stay informed, be entertained & more.

Unique Content:Clones Can Cause Alot of Problems- And They Are Bad For Blogs!In Sci-Fi movies and even in real life clones might be cool- more than one copy of yourself so your clone could mow the lawn while you relax- but in the world of blogging don't be a clone.   It seems that most people just imitate what everyone else is writing about.  Don't just imitate what other people are writing about in their blogs-readers are just going to go to the big name blogs for that anyway.

For instance, if your blog is a tech blog, instead of writing about the same big story everyone else is writing about take a different approach- write something unique. Does your blog add something new that they would enjoy reading? 

Here's an example of unique content:  A while back a colleague was searching for how to fix an error on his computer with Windows.  Where did he find his answer?  Not on the Microsoft website, but on a blog post that showed exactly what he needed to do in a down-to-earth voice.  Even more, he browsed around the blog and saw that this person really knew his stuff and had a lot of other quality info on his site.  He's since become a regular reader.  That wouldn't have happened if that blogger just aped what everyone else was writing about.  The lesson?  Whatever you're writing about, write unique content!

Stay tuned for Part 2:  You're Only Human- And That's OK

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