Adwords Call Tracking Update- Metrics Added

Last November Google announced you could do click to call with Adwords.  Yesterday they added call metrics. 

What is it?

Basically you can now assign a number to an Adwords campaign.  Whether this be your office number, call tracking number or another number.  Then when your ad shows up there's now that number listed there. See this picture:

This shows up on regular computers but also on mobile phones which is a big plus.  The searcher can call you directly from their smart phone just by clicking on that ad. 

This is certainly different as they person never has to even visit your site to contact you. 

Potential Benefits

Right now Google has it at $1.00 a click.  This may be high for some.  But we've set up Adwords for a client, a dentist.  The bidding landscape is over a buck so this may be a deal for him and any other advertiser that is used to spending more than $1.00.  Of course, this may not last as people catch on to this new feature.  Stay tuned on this.

Things to Remember:

After you set up call tracking, be sure to enable metrics.  Then go to either your campaigns or ad groups with this and click on show columns pick the call tracking metrics you want.  Now you can see calls, impressions and all other types of great info on whether people are actually clicking and calling you.

Call tracking is very important.  It tells you if the person who visited your site or saw your ad actually contacted you.  So many times people think if a form is filled out etc. the SEO or PPC is working but don't know that those 10 calls last month that resulted in alot of new business or clients came from marketing their business online.  We almost always insist this is set up for our clients.  Meauring, tracking and reporting are so crucial to online success.

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